I'm on a quest to build my food storage into a 1 year supply with foods that I know my family will eat. I've decided to keep a blog with recipes that I know my family will love and using only pantry or food storage items, and maybe in the interim this might help someone else who is also working on obtaining a 1 year supply with foods that not only your family can survive on but they will also love eating. If anyone has any recipes that they would like to add please email me at basicfoodstorage@gmail.com

Friday, October 16, 2009

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Calculator

Emergency Essential has a new food storage calculate located on their site. For those of you who are just building your food storage, have a good supply, or just don't know where to start this is a great resource. One of the particular features I really liked was being able to choose particular nutrients needed (example: protein) if you click on protein it will show you all the items they have with high amounts of protein.

Just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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