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Monday, January 4, 2010

Coconut Oil instead of Shortening or butter!


After searching for an alternative way to store oil/shortening and butter, I came across Coconut oil. I have been using Coconut oil in my bath salts and bath products for a few years now and I love the smell and feel it gives my skin.  Coconut Oil has a lot of benefits for the skin and hair. It protects it from the environment against damage, promotes healing and gives a more youthful healthy appearance. It is also wonderful for your body as well. When taken internally it can help lower cholesterol, helps with weight loss, digestion and immunity. There is a large amount of research done on coconut oil and it's benefits for certain diseases as well.

But the biggest reason I have decided to add Coconut Oil to my families diet as well as our food storage is because of how long it stores. Just as Shortening stores indefinitely on your food storage shelves, so does Coconut oil. You can use it in place of all recipes calling for shortening, butter or oil and it cooks up perfectly and the best part is your not feeding your body the hydrogenated oils and fats that are contained in shortening and butter.

We have been using coconut oil in our cooking for over a year now and I love how my cookies come out so perfectly soft.  We also use it regularly for cooking eggs, it adds such a wonderful flavor.  I have purchased coconut oil from the health food store (it's a little pricey), and ordered it online from a few resources but I have to say the coconut oil from Tropical Traditions is definitely the best (and I don't get paid to say this), their coconut oil is does not have the distinct flavor of coconut like so many other brands that can sometimes over power your food.  It melts perfectly and I use it in place of butter, oils and shortening in all of my recipes.  My breads and rolls always come out soft and fluffy and I feel so much better not giving my family hydrogenated oils.


Annie said...

I just want to share this "Coconut oil is widely used for skin and hair care in Eastern cultures especially India and is believed to have skin healing and nurturing properties." by having this knowledge, there are a lot of alternative ways of caring for skin and hair as well as promoting youthful beauty.

hal|www.questorganic.com said...

That sounds great, and is much healthier. My sister reacts to coconut in her food, so just keeping that in mind might be helpful for new eaters!

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